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10 Fonts for Bloggers and Creatives #3

Font posts are my favourites to create. I could spend hours searching through fonts to find the best ones. If you want to update your blog, or find some new fonts for your own use then this is a perfect post for you! 

Why I've been Absent From Blogging For So Long

If you hadn't noticed already, there hasn't been much content on my blog lately. I didn't really plan for this to happen at all, I actually have a massive list of ideas ready to be written and posted but everytime I've sat down to write or set up to take photos nothing sounds or looks right to me. I take blogging breaks quite often, as my life seems to be a bit of a roller coaster, but I've never had a break for this long.

Zoeva Nude Spectrum Palette | Review + Swatches

Zoeva are a very well known brand in the world of beauty bloggers, especially for their rose gold brush sets which are a bloggers dream. I've wanted to try the brand for a while, but the shipping costs put me off ordering anything direct from the website. I recently found out that Beauty Bay stock Zoeva products, and they'd recently released some new palettes and I just had to order something.

Easy Photo Background Ideas

Marble has taken over the blogging world by storm. It's everywhere, and I cannot deny it I am absolutely in love with the trend. I don't care if that's cliché at all, I think marble is so pretty and whoever thought of using it as a photo background is an absolute genius. I recently bought a marble background, and I'm forever getting questions about where I bought it, so I thought I'd do a post on it.