Monday, 13 January 2014

MAC Lipstick Wishlist!

Hi guys! After spending hours looking through the MAC website, I have about 60 items in my basket that I'll never be able to afford! I own 3 MAC lipsticks already and they're such high quality and I love them! I've narrowed my wishlist down to my 10 favourite shades because otherwise this blog would be so long!

I'll be talking about these lipsticks from left to right, with the top row first!

The first lipstick is in the shade Rebel! I don't own any purple lipsticks and this is a gorgeous shade! I've always been quite safe with the lipsticks I buy and not go for anything too daring, but I'm experimenting more now and I think this would be a perfect place to start! (£15.00)
The second lipstick is in the shade Russian Red! I mentioned this lipstick in my Drugstore Wishlist as I'm currently looking for that 'Perfect Red' shade and everyone and their mother's have recommended this to me without fail, so I looked for a dupe and found a Rimmel one that looked very similar! I'd still like to buy the real thing as MAC is my favourite makeup brand by far! (£15.00)
The third lipstick is in the shade Coral Bliss! It's a lovely pinky coral shade which you can probably tell by the name, I love to wear coral lipsticks during the Spring and Summer so this would be great to invest in before then to have a gorgeous shade on my lips throughout the seasons! (£15.00)
The fourth lipstick is in the shade Up The Amp! I love how bright and vibrant this shade is! I'd never ever usually go for such a bright shade, but I tried it on at a MAC counter and instantly fell in love! I can see this making it's way into my collection very soon! (£15.00)
The fifth lipstick is in the shade Creme Cup! I've been wanting to buy this shade for months but every time I go to buy it it's sold out which is so annoying! I'm determined to get my hands on this beauty early this year as I'm dying for a new pinky nude shade in my collection! (£15.00)
The sixth lipstick is in the shade Impassioned! It's a fuchsia coloured shade! It reminds me of summer and it's a mix of red and pink which I think is a lovely combination of colours to make this gorgeous lipstick! (£15.00)
The seventh lipstick is in the shade Lovelorn! As I've said before I love my pink shades, and this is a beautiful pink shade with a blue undertone that makes your teeth look super white! It looks shimmery and really creamy, which I prefer to matte lipsticks as they make my lips look awful usually! (£15.00)
The eighth lipstick is from the Divine Night collection and is in the shade Private Party! I love the packaging on this lipstick, it's so simple and pretty! It's a dirty plum shade, which I wouldn't usually go for but the packaging and the colour of the lipstick made me want it a lot! It's sold out and now off the website which i annoying! I'll have to find somewhere to buy it like eBay! Anyone know where I can buy it?
The ninth lipstick is also from the Divine Night collection and is in the shade Flair for Finery! It's described as a 'cool pink/nude' which I love in a lipstick as nudes and pinks are currently my favourites! The packaging is different and gold which I love too! This one is also no longer available! How can they be removed the day after I write this blogpost?! Oh well!
The tenth lipstick is in the shade Studded Kiss! It's a really really dark red! I've never seen a lipstick in this colour and now I'm in love with it! It's such a dark and mysterious colour, and I'm really wanting to experiment with a shade like this in the near future! (£15.00)

What's in your MAC Lipstick Wishlist?

Ami x


  1. they are so beautiful but expensive! x

  2. I've wanted a mac lipstick so much! Next time, you could maybe do hand swatches so we can see what they look like on skin? They are gorgeous! ����

  3. I've wanted a mac lipstick so much! Next time, you could maybe do hand swatches so we can see what they look like on skin? They are gorgeous!

  4. I have a few of the ones on your wish list.. just done a lipstick collection post at xx


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