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Last month the Lush Oxford Street Exclusives hit Lush stores all over the country, which obviously meant that every Lush store was now the place to be. I went haulin', you can read my post here. After the collection hit stores I was invited down to Lush Southampton for a more exclusive evening revealing the new collection, explaining the new products, and also unveiling the new haircare products. 

Lush Summer Event Oxford Street Launch
Photo Credit: Jess

The staff at Lush had put on an amazing fruit bar for us to snack on through the evening, and the drinks station was inspired by the new Layer Cake soap, there was different flavours of drinks and you could mix and match to make the perfect drink. I'm pretty boring so I stuck to one flavour, but a few of the girls experimented the layering process and it looked so cool!

Lush Summer Event Oxford Street Launch Facemasks

Lush face masks are one of my favourite products, so I obviously had to include a photo. The bright blue face mask is a new one, the Don't Look At Me Face Mask. It has an exfoliating texture, but it's full of a rich nourishing butter to leave the skin looking fresh, and lots of zingy lemon juice to tone your complexion. I am definitely going to pick this up next time I'm in store, I love exfoliators, and I love the idea of an exfoliating face mask.

Lush Summer Event Oxford Street Launch Pink Flamingo
Photo Credit: Jess

Lush Summer Event Oxford Street Launch Intergalactic
Photo Credit: Jess

Lush Summer Event Oxford Street Launch The Experimenter Bath Bomb
Photo Credit: Jess

Lush Summer Event Oxford Street Launch Frozen
Photo Credit: Jess

After filling up on layered drinks and the fruit bar, we had the option to try the new bath bombs or take a look at the haircare range. I'm a sucker for watching bath bombs fizz away so I obviously headed that way. We tried The Experimenter, Intergalactic, Yoga Bomb and Frozen, I'm not going to go into huge detail about them all, but there's a few photos below in the post or on my Instagram displaying what they all look like. I can confirm they are all incredible and you need every single one. 

We then gave three of the new bubble bars a whirl. First up we tried Milky Bath which turns your bath a love white colour, and it's full of milk which is great for the skin. Then we popped the Granny Takes a Dip Bubble Bar in a jug and swirled it around, which actually disappointed me as it turned a murky green brown colour, whereas the bath bomb used to turn amazing colours. Last up is the only permanent bubble bar wand, Pink Flamingo, there's not a lot to say, it's pink what do you expect. It creates a lot of bubbles with little product used so it's worth the money, it also smells fab.

Lush Summer Event Oxford Street Launch The Experimenter
The Experimenter Bath Bomb
Photo Credit: Jess

Lush Summer Event Oxford Street Launch Yoga Bomb
Yoga Bomb Bath BombPhoto Credit: Jess

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar Making
Photo Credit: Jess

The last thing the Lush staff had planned for us was to make our own bubble bars. I was super excited to do this as I've never made a bubble bar, and it was so interesting to see the process of making them and what ingredients go into the product. We made the Creamy Candy bubble bar which has just been reformulated to achieve a brighter pink colour in the bath. It's ingredients include sodium bicarbonate, fair trade organic cocoa butter, cornflour, almond oil, fairtrade vanilla absolute, and a few other technical products that create the bubbles. After the mixture was made we were all given a bit to make our own Creamy Candy Bubble Bar in whatever shape we want, I went for the traditional shaped bubble bar and think it actually came out pretty well. I can't wait to use my very own bubble bar!

Lush Summer Event Oxford Street Launch
Photo Credit: Jess

At the end of the event we had some shopping time, but as I'd just done a bit of a Lush haul, I left my bankcard at home so I didn't go outrageous. Whilst everyone was shopping I headed over to the haircare area, and completely fell in love with their new Avocado Co-Wash Solid Shampoo, I haven't tried a solid shampoo before but I think this might be my first. It smells absolutely incredible, I want my room to smell like this, so I may just have to buy some to scent my room! I am going to pick some of this up along side the face mask I mentioned earlier on my next trip to Lush.

I had a lovely evening with my blogging girls, it was nice to learn a bit about the new Lush haircare range as I'm usually only intrigued by their bath products. I guess it's just one more addiction to spend my money on, oops! The event was so well planned, I had so much fun. We all left with an amazing goody bag that I completely forgot to photograph for this post,so I'll upload a separate post with reviews once I've tried everything. A massive thankyou to Lush Southampton!

What Lush products have you picked up recently? 

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