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About a month ago The Body Shop launched a new collection, The Spa of The World collection. I was invited down to The Body Shop in Southampton with my blogging girls to take a sneak peek at the collection, and test out the products we were most interested in. The store has also recently been refurbished and I am loving the new look, it's full of positive thoughts, like the 'Love Your Body' photo below. 

The Body Shop Southampton Spa Of The World Event
Photo Credit: Jess

The Body Shop Southampton Spa Of The World Event
Photo Credit: Jess

We were greeted by some lovely staff, who offered us complimentary drinks and some strawberries to snack on. I definitely kept going back to this table a lot throughout the evening, they were so refreshing! After we'd had a chat with the staff we all wandered off round the store, obviously picking up every new product, and our old favourites, to smell and test. I can tell you now that the Spa of The World collection smells absolutely incredible, there is definitely something for everyone too. 

The Body Shop Southampton Spa Of The World Event Japanese Camellia Cream
Photo Credit: Jess

The Body Shop Southampton Spa Of The World Event Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil
Photo Credit: Jess

 It features three different ranges; Relaxing, Revitalising and Blissful. All the collections are inspired by beauty treatments around the world, but the products give you the ability to have these traditional spas in the comfort of your own bathroom. They all include a variety of different products, including, bath milk, creams, massage oils, masks and exfoliants. By the end of the night my favourite products out of the ranges have to be the Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay, the Hawaiian Kukui Cream and the Tahitian Orchid Massage Oil

The Body Shop Southampton Spa Of The World Event Colour Crush Nail Varnishes

The Body Shop Southampton Spa Of The World Event Fuji Green Tea Range
Photo Credit: Jess

After taking our time looking at all the new products we were offered hand massages, facials and the chance to get our nails painted. Who can turn down a free pamper session? I had an amazing hand massage, using the new collection, my hand felt so soft afterwards and it was so relaxing. I need massages more often. The brush that was used to apply the clay mask was the softest brush I have ever felt in my life, I may need to purchase one for applying face masks, we all need a little bit of luxury in our lives. 

 I then popped over to the nail painting station as my current nail varnish was heavily chipped and I was due to repaint them the next day, so I thought I'd try out one of The Body Shop's Colour Crush Nail Varnishes. I picked the shade 120 which is Relish The Moment. It's a lovely red shade, not too bright and not too dark. It was so nice to have someone else paint my nails for a change, and they were definitely done a lot better than I could ever attempt at home. 

Whilst I was taking a wander round the store for the last time I spotted their Fuji Green Tea Range, this isn't something in their new collection, but I think it's quite new to The Body Shop. It's definitely a range that I'd like to try in the future, I think it smells so fresh. Perfect for a pick me up in these colder months to come.

The Body Shop Southampton Spa Of The World Event Bloggers
Photo Credit: Jess

I had a great evening down at The Body Shop with the rest of my blogging girls, the staff were extremely helpful and there for our every need. We were all handed a bag of samples and a few discounts too, which was a nice way to end the event. I may have to go on a little shopping spree with the discounts, I am eyeing up a few products already. 

What's your favourite The Body Shop product?

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