How To Style: Trench Coat Edition


Usually I'm not one to talk about fashion and I'm pretty useless when it comes down to it at the end of the day. Jack Wills challenged me to write a post about how to style a trench coat and I thought it'd be quite fun to push my fashion knowledge and see what works when styling a piece like this. 

Image courtesy of Jack Wills

First of all, trench coats are everywhere but I always thought they just came in a very plain looking beige colour that I could never ever pull of. Nowadays I walk into shops to see quite a few colours to choose from which is so refreshing as beige isn't a good look on me at all. In my eyes, they're the perfect summer to autumn transition in a coat; they're not too light so you freeze to death, but they're not so heavy that you regret putting it on as soon as you walk out the door.

You can style a trench a million ways, it's a true foolproof coat, but here's my top picks for keeping it as fashionable as can be. 

Everyday Chic; A casual day out for lunch with the girls, throw on a simple stripy t-shirt, some ankle grazer jeans, a cute pair of trainers and a trench thrown over the top. Keeping it unbelted will add to the carefree vibe of the outfit.

Work Chic; A trench coat can look oh so professional when it comes down to it, paired with your normal work clothes (a black dress and some heels to match would be my go to). Draw it in tight at the waist to enhance your figure and strut your stuff as you look like fire walking into work.

Night Out Chic; There's nothing worse than dressing up all glam to go out for drinks and walking out the door and freezing your legs off. Grab a long black trench coat to chuck over the top, you'll thank yourself when you're walking about at 1am searching for some cheesy chips.  Pick up your favourite clutch, sling on a pair of cute heels and you're all set! 

Whilst searching for trench coats to give me inspiration for this post, I came across so many gorgeous coats! Here's my favourite picks below;

I think a trench coat is next on my list of things to buy now... 

*This post was written in collaboration with Jack Wills but all views are my own

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