3 Ingredient Easy Biscoff Truffles Recipe

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Over the past few months it seems everyone has been baking a hell of a lot more than usual, when they've been able to get hold of the ingredients that is! When all the flour flew off the shelves for weeks on end, I decided to try and make some sweet treats that didn't require 15 different ingredients, 3 types of sugar and no bananas in sight. These 3 ingredient Biscoff truffles are a fail safe option for an easy dessert or sweet snack.

These little sweet treats taste just like mini Biscoff cheesecakes and really are quite delightful. They also don't take much time at all to make and the recipe is full proof! Anyone else think they look way more put together than the three ingredients required suggests? The ingredients list is rough, I just picked up packets of each thing and put them together until I got the consistency I thought was best!


-Biscoff Biscuits, ~300g. Plus extra for crumbling for decoration if you wish.
-1 pack of Cream Cheese,
-200g White Chocolate


1. Crush up all the Biscoff biscuits, I used a blender to get a fine crumb suitable for these truffles. You may need to split up your biscuits into sections to get them all blended properly depending on the size of your blender, I did mine in two gos.

2. Mix the Biscoff biscuit crumbs with the cream cheese in a bowl. Use a wooden spoon to initially mix and then I found using my hands was the best way to get the right consistency with everything mixed together.

3. Roll the mixture into balls using your hands and place on a tray lined with baking paper. Refrigerate for about an hour until the balls have hardened.

4. Melt the white chocolate, either in the microwave or in a bowl over a saucepan of water on the hob.

5. Dip the truffles in the white chocolate, making sure to cover the whole ball. Place the balls back on the baking paper once they've been coated and sprinkle with Biscoff crumbs if you want to decorate. To get the plainer truffles without the chocolate coating, just grab a fork and dip it in the white chocolate and drizzle over the truffles.

6. Leave the truffles in the fridge to harden for about an hour. Keep refrigerated once set until they're all gone, that won't take long!

And that's it! They're so easy to make, I want to try them with Oreos next after seeing so many people make them. Have you tried making truffles before?

Independents Offering Takeaway and Delivery in Nottingham

Saturday, 21 March 2020


In times like these, it's so important to support all the Nottingham independent restaurants and food vendors that rely on their monthly income to stay afloat. The Coronavirus is really hitting this country hard but the government closing all the bars and restaurants for the forseeable future, which is 100% the best thing to do, the independents all over the country are taking a massive battering. On the other hand, lots are starting to offer takeaway and delivery services that we all must take advantage of to give these places in Nottingham a helping hand.

If you're looking for something to eat, here's a guide to the places I've found so far offering collection and delivery services so far:


A range of vegan and non vegan doughnuts, quite honestly the best doughnuts ever. They're also selling doughnut decorating kits on their website if you're looking for some lockdown entertainment!
Collection: Order through their web store,  keep up to date via Instagram to see weekly flavours etc.
Delivery: Via Deliveroo within 5.5 mile radius of their NG2 bakery, Wednesday-Saturday 12pm-6pm / sell out.

Oscar and Rosies

The best pizza place ever is finally back open for collection! Oscar and Rosies is my absolute go to for pizza in Nottingham. They serve a wide range of pizzas with a whole dedicated vegan menu and gluten free too.
Collection: Order online here for collection Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


Homeboys normally trade from Notts Street Food Club, selling a range of dishes including the most amazing looking katsu curry. Offering a delivery / collection service via Fudyo, they're currently selling their own Heat at Home Grilled Cheese: Our own three cheese blend, chilli crisp, house kimchi, charred spring onion, stuffed into Notts’ finest’s Tough Mary’s sourdough'
Delivery/Collection: Order through Fudyo here for delivery and collection from Hooters options! 


If you're craving a real coffee, head to Blend and pick up a tasty pastry or cake whilst you're there! They're currently open for takeaways on hot and cold drinks, pastries, cakes and bags of coffee.
Takeaway: Weds/Thurs/Fri 8:30am-4pm, Sat/Sun 9:30am-4pm

Studio Chocolate

Delivery of brownies and chocolates, everything looks incredible and tastes it too.
Website: www.studio-chocolate.co.uk
Collection: Available Thursday and Friday, 10am-1pm. Order online through the website for collection.
Delivery: Order online through the website, available for Nottingham local delivery and UK wide too.

Filthy Vegan Takeout

For proper filthy junk food, The Filthy Vegan Takeout is your answer. Kebabs, burgers, hot dogs and mac and cheese, these guys have got it all!
Website: www.thefilthyvegan.co.uk

Collection: From 1pm everyday. Pre-order for collection via WhatsApp on 07860853675. View the menu here.

Delivery: Order through Deliveroo or Uber Eats. Also available for delivery to more postcodes via their Facebook page, check weekly for postcodes / days.

Tough Mary's Bakehouse

Bread and other tasty baked goods available for collection. Tough Mary's Bakehouse are also offering takeaway coffee now too.

Collection: It's best to preorder here but they are open for takeaway too. 9-3, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 

Prickly Pear

100% vegan and homemade burgers, sandwiches, kebabs, tacos, burritos, shakes and sides. Basically everything you could ever want. They're offering a special burger every week and to be honest, every single one has looked out of this world. Have a peek over on their Instagram, @pricklypearnottm.
Collection: Call 0115 958 1338 to order for collection 12pm-8pm. If you're after lunchtime collection (12pm-2pm) order the day before! 
Delivery: Via Deliveroo.

Annies Burger Shack

Delicious and unique handcrafted burgers and breakfast. Just go and have a look at their menu to see just how wild but tasty all of their options look, you need to try them!
Annies are offering call and collect from both their breakfast and burger menus plus drinks.
Website: anniesburgershack.com
Collection: Weds-Fri 3.30pm-9pm, Sat & Sun 2pm-9pm (Same day burger pre-orders - 12pm-2pm Wed-Sun) Call to order on 01156849944 and view the menus here


Burgers made with the best produce from local suppliers. Organic beef, handmade rubs and spices on locally baked bread. Vegan, veggie and gluten free options available too. Everything looks amazing! Bohns are offering takeaway collection on Saturdays currently.
Website: bohnsbestburgers.co.uk

Collection: Order via Instagram DM, @bohns_official.

The Pudding Pantry

If you're after brunch, the pudding pantry is where to go. A menu of extra sweet pancakes and tasty brunches, you all really need to go and have a look at the menu to be honest, you'll want to order!
Collection: The Sherwood Pudding Pantry is open Wednesday to Sunday, 9am-3pm for takeaway only. You can also pre order for collection via their website
Delivery: Via Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

Vegan Junk

Yasmin, from @yasminjohalx, ordered a takeaway from Vegan Junk a few days ago and oh boy it looked insane! 100% vegan burgers, kebabs, mac and cheese, vegan smores, do I need to go on?! Proper vegan junk food!
Delivery: Order via Instagram, @veganjunk1, you can also see the menu and delivery range here too.

The Vegan Pizza Co

I can't believe I'm only hearing about The Vegan Pizza Co now. You all need to go look at their Instagram, @theveganpizzaco, the pizzas look amazing and they also sell roast potatoes as a side which is just genius? I need this now.
Delivery: Order via Instagram or Facebook. You can see the menu and delivery radius over on FB or Instagram too.

Chao Chao

South East Asian restaurant in West Bridgford and Arnold offering takeaway 5-10pm daily. Chao Chao has been on my list to try for a while now, the reviews are always so high! Focusing on fresh quality ingredients and all their packaging is made with biodegradable materials to reduce their plastic use. They run all sorts of offers during the week including 2 curries for £15 on Wednesdays, so keep an eye on Instagram, @chaochaourban, for those!
Collection: 5-10pm daily from their West Bridgford and Arnold stores. You can order online here.
Delivery: Via Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

13th Element

I saw my friend Lucy got a 13th Element takeaway tonight which absolutely sold me on them! 13th Element sell 100% plant based, vegan burgers and loaded fries. If you need selling, go check out their Instagram, @13thelement_, prepare to drool.
Collection: Thursday-Sunday. Order click and collect via their website here.
Delivery: DM on Instagram for delivery options.


Greek tapas dishes from an authentic Greek restaurant in West Bridgeford. Gyros, salads and small plates galore.
Collection: Available Wednesday-Saturday, times vary. Head to their website and click the order online button in the top left corner for the takeaway menu.

Viva Street Food

Newly opened tapas style Indian street food in Hockley. Everything is vegetarian or vegan, they're open for call and collect or delivery via Deliveroo. You can find the menu on instagram, @viva__streetfood.
Collection: Call 0115 998 5821 to order for collection, Thursday-Sunday, 5pm-9pm.
Delivery: Via Deliveroo.

This guide will be updated as and when I get more details on collections and deliveries. Please support these independents in the months ahead to help keep them running. If you know of any more Nottingham independents offering takeaway or collection services, please let me know so I can include them!